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Teachers know that teaching creativity at the piano is a great way to engage students and to enhance their musicianship, but many lack the confidence, experience and time to incorporate it into their lessons.

At PianoCreativity.com you’ll get:

  • simple, accessible creative activities for popular piano repertoire

  • short reviews of useful resources

  • posts that explore the bigger picture

Creativity can have a transformative impact on a young life, as you can read in my story below. Let's learn more about it, together!

About the author: Garreth Brooke

Piano creativity helped me through a family crisis I experienced as a teenager when my severely depressed and anxious Mum made a serious suicide attempt. As she slowly healed, I frequently turned to the piano to help make sense of things. I didn't think specifically about my Mum, but the desperately sad pieces that I improvised and composed were a profoundly helpful outlet. It's no exaggeration to say that the piano helped keep me sane at the most difficult time of my childhood, and I have my piano teacher Mr Clifford and my music teachers Mr Wilson and Mrs Noon to thank for giving me the skills and the space to create at the piano.

Since then, I have studied music at Oxford University and piano teaching with the Royal Conservatory of Music, and have built up a portfolio career centred around the piano. I run a busy international teaching studio in Frankfurt, Germany and my compositions have been streamed tens of millions of times and published by Editions Musica Ferrum and Breitkopf & Härtel. (You can find out more about my music at garrethbrooke.com and about studying with me here.)

The composition and improvisation lessons are the ones that I most enjoy teaching — the time just seems to fly by, a sure sign of having fun — and I’ve discovered and invented many useful resources. I’ve created PianoCreativity.com to share these resources with you.

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